Copy Montblanc Boheme Ballpoint Pen - Replica Mont Blanc Pens

 Mont Blanc
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Copy Montblanc Boheme Ballpoint Pen - Replica Mont Blanc Pens

Copy Mont Blanc Boheme Bleu Ballpoint Pen Black & Silver Clip w/ diamond on silver clip  

This replica Montblanc pen is 1 to 1 to original - The best quality

     Everything else is 100% exact copy. 

Solid stainless steel very heavy and strong construction. 

Replicated to the smallest detail. 

All engravings and logos 

Weight to exact original 

Comes with Mont Blanc box  

Our replica Montblanc pens will never let you down.

The Replica Montblanc Boheme pens we sell they are with serial number on the clip. and diamond on the clip. However we do not guarantee that you will receive the same color diamond as shown on our site. We have many color of diamonds. Everytime may different color. Sometimes blue diamond, sometimes white, sometimes purple. If you want a specific color of diamond on the clip. Please contact us. we will check our inventory if have that color or not. 

Price: $45.95
Less 25% discount is $34.46
Special Refill for Montblanc
Deluxe Mont Blanc Pen box with papers Copy  $9.95
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