New Montblanc Germany Desk Holder Pen set: Starwalker Black Rollerball Pen

 Mont Blanc

Montblanc Starwalker Replica Rollerball Pen - Desk Holder

Include the desk holder, Black Starwalker Rollerball pen, extra protect cap. 

With Montblanc engraved on the pen

Very heavy and strong construction.

Replicated to the smallest detail.

Our replica Montblanc Starwalker Pen will never let you down.


Price: $69.95
Customer Reviews
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By Stephen
Wow! Made my desk look like a million bucks. A perfect addition to anyone who wishes to have their clients signed with something substantial. Looks just like the original and feels like it too. Perfect craftmanship. Plus I bought a Tag and I have a big wrist and they gave me two links too. Great Company, and they stand by their word! Came in beuatiful gift box

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